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Perhaps the most Advanced Qualified Plan Design in the qualified plan realm is the Split Funded Combination Plan. The term “Split Funding” is an actuarial term for the usage of the maximum allowable permanent insurance premium as part of a new contribution into a Defined Benefit pension plan. The concept of a Split Funded Combination Plan is when you then take that maximized Defined Benefit pension plan and fully max cross-test it against a maximized Defined Contribution plan, based on eligible members, their ages, and their compensation. This is a complex actuarial procedure that when handled efficiently, can result in larger pre-tax contributions for owners as well as the key members of a business, while also minimizing the overall eligible demographic cost. These advanced plans protect the future result of a fully funded pension and can deliver larger deductions with more annual flexibility through the key funding years, in comparison to other common styles of qualified plans. Split Funded Combination plans and the “Split Funding” of qualified plans in general, are the primary types of plan designs that Shepherd Wealth Group is known for and specialize in.

Areas of Expertise
  • Advanced Planning Strategies

  • Advanced Qualified Plan Design

  • Split-funded Qualified plans

  • Split-funded Combination plans

  • Estate Planning

  • Distribution Planning

  • Seasoned Money Strategies

  • Premium Finance 

  • Asset Management

  • Portfolio Design

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